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When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams

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How we Founded

I don’t even know where to start. Honestly, for me photography started off as something that I needed to do. At a young age my father past away and I was the oldest out of my family. So every time we would need to take photos I would be the one that would take them. Soon family members would hand me cameras, camcorders and tell me to use them. I took photos and video of family gatherings, church events, weddings, you name it I took it. Back then I had no clue what photography would become for me. I thought it was a fun thing to do and I felt like the big shot with a camera.Shortly after my dad past away, we moved to another house, while unpacking I found a camera that use to belong to him. It was a Nikon film SLR(N6000). I didn’t know much about it at the time being 8 years old and at the time internet wasn’t something everyone had or could afford. 56k at that time ruled the world but was over 20 dollars a month. Cable or Dsl was triple that and wasn’t much faster and was not supported everywhere. I took family photos with this camera and being 8 years old I found photography to be fun. Slowly, I started to learn what happens to the photo when you change things in the camera. This being film I somewhat got in trouble because it was expensive to keep processing film.

I still remember the day I bought my first digital camera.  In matter of fact I still own the first digital camera I bought. It was a spur of the moment thing. I walked into my local Wal-Mart, which was a new store at the time, and there was a table with a Sony rep selling these cameras. I knew what digital cameras were and I was amazed at what this camera can do. It could take a photo and rather then putting it on film it was instantly captured to a little plastic stick that you insert into the camera. I remember buying the camera and taking it home. I was so happy to have that camera that I kept playing with it constantly. I went through batteries like they were candy. I was so amazed that you can fit more the 50 pictures on a little card. I think 32mb was the biggest you could buy at the time. About a year later 128mb and 256mb started to come out for about 50-100 dollars. I bought a 256mb card just because I saw it in an airport shop for 20 dollars. I thought that was a steal.

Now, that I was using a digital camera I found out from a friend that you could “edit” these photos on a computer. All I needed to do was install this program that allowed me to adjust the colors, brightness, contrast, and so much more…This is the first time I was introduced to photoshop. It’s funny now that I think about it. The first program I used when I got into digital photography was photoshop and here I am more then 10 years later and I am still learning to use photoshop.

There was times I would wake up early Saturday morning and be on the computer downloading images from the internet onto my computer so I can “edit” them. I honestly had no clue what I was doing. I just played with everything until I thought the photo looked cool. When I was done I would save my images on a floppy disk. I had so many floppy disks at one point I would start throwing them away because I had no idea what they were.

Then couple years have past and I got a new digital camera. It had 5 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, and a longer battery life, and by now I had collected a nice collection of memory sticks. With this new camera I couldn’t fit more then 2 images onto a floppy drive but that is ok this new thing came out called “cd burners.” I could now fit a lot more images onto a cd then I could onto floppy but I remember buying my first cd burner for over 100 dollars and would not work in my computer. I was so upset but I was lucky I had a friend swap me his drive for mine which worked. Now I was in business.

By now I was in Jr. high and one of my friends introduced me to a program called Dreamweaver. Which back then was created by a company called Macromedia. I then started to learn to incorporate my photography into website design. I was creating small websites for my self and I was hosting them on Geocities. If anyone remember them. I left so cool back then because I was the only person I knew that had his own website.

My first Dslr came when I was in high school. Dslr were not that affordable so for someone without a job it wasn’t something was in my reach. Also, being in high school all I could think about was buying a car. So I stuck with my little digital camera and my film camera. Then the day came. I got my first job working at Best Buy. It wasn’t the best job in the world but it did open my eyes to cameras and what they can do. I also did meet some of my best friend there which will never replace a camera. Even though I worked at Best Buy it wasn’t till I did my first wedding when I realized I needed a DSLR.

The first wedding I ever did was the most nerv racking thing I did. I had no clue what to do. I was just a kid with a camera. I been to weddings before and noticed what the photographers did so I tried to copy them. I was happy when the day was done. This was the first time I noticed that my camera hindered me in taking photos. So it was time to buy a new camera. I went shopping and bought my first DSLR and lens. I went crazy taking pictures with that camera. It was with me every where I went.

Slowly I was getting calls to do small weddings and events here and there and noticed that people are paying me to take pictures. Till now I was just taking pictures for fun. I never had a reason to charge someone for my photos, but being a teenager and seeing I can make money on this, I started to get more interested. I was now online researching how to use the camera. I was in book stores reading books and I would go out and try these things. I figured if someone was going to pay me I would have to do it right. So I did everything in my power to do it right.

From here everything is history. I refined my style and my love for photography became my then a hobby. The thing I always tried to do was not to forget about what photography actually meant to me. Because to me photography was something I grew to love and never wanted to make it a profession. I will always be true to my photography form. I won’t let my business get into my way of art. Which photographers forget its not the business but the art that you create which keeps clients coming back for more. Well technically both. No one will hire you if your someone that they can’t stand.
Few years went by now and I have had the oppurntunty to photograph weddings. people, fashion, automotive and much more. The news of a Dslr with the capability of video hit the internet and it spread like wild fire. It was amazing thing that you can go from shooting photos one second to shoot high definition video the next with the same camera. You didn’t need to have a video camera and a photo camera. I was honestly stubborn about this. I thought that this was just a fad and will fade away. As you can tell I was dead wrong and HDSLR cameras are everywhere. I was in the middle of upgrading some of my cameras and I purchased a camera that shot video. I was very pleased with the quality and control of the video. There was still things holding me back from shooting video constantly. At the time the cameras had a limit on how much video you can shoot. The first camera I owned that could do video had a limit of 5 minutes. Which I thought wasn’t enough. Sad part is that most movie scenes are shot 1 minute or less. I liked what I saw when it came to video and dslr but it wasn’t till the Gopro cameras came out did I really fall in love with video. Then I saw that these cameras are not a fad and are here to stay.

I took the leap and bought more gear for video and here I am a few years later loving the switch. I still love photography and will do it till the day I die but not video has made its way into my life and its here to stay.

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